Different Options for Small Shower Bathtubs

Sometimes when you have a smaller bathroom space to work with, it seems like your only option is to choose either a bathtub or shower stall. However, there are small shower bathtubs now on the market that provide you with the best of both worlds while still making the most out of your limited space.

When shopping around for a shower bathtub to be installed in your home, there are a number of different things that you should keep in mind. Not only does this have to do with the enclosure itself and whether you were going to install something modern or perhaps an antique clawfoot tub, it also has to do with the accessories that are available. These bath tub shower accessories would include such things as shower fixtures, faucets, doors and combination items that you may not have considered before. It is also possible for you to do a conversion in your bathroom, which will make a shower bathtub out of an existing shower or tub by itself. The following will take a brief look at your available options.

One Piece Combination Tub

Your first option for small shower bathtubs is also the most common: the one piece combination tub. This model features both a tub and shower head along with a wall and curtain in order to prevent splashing. The drawback to choosing this model is that you will have to remove your old tub before having it installed as an old tub cannot be converted into this style. On the positive side, they are available in a wide range of colors and designs. The acrylic material provides for a variety of special features including built in seating, towel bars, and shelves.

Shower Bathtub Conversion

If you already have an existing bathtub shower or perhaps a shower enclosure on its own, it may be possible for you to change this over to a combination through some type of conversion. Typically, this is going to take a little bit more construction than most of us are comfortable with, so you may want to look into hiring a contractor in order to help you with these more difficult items. Not only will they help the job to go more smoothly, they also are typically familiar with the permitting that is necessary in order to do these construction projects.

Shower BathtubSize, Shape and Style: Some of the main options that you have available to you are going to be the size, shape and style of the tub itself. If you’re installing the new tub into an existing bathroom, you would certainly want to take all of these things in mind, along with the size that you have available in order to do the installation. The reason why this is the case, is because the tub is going to define the decor of the bathroom in many respects. An antique claw foot tub would probably not look right in a small modern bathroom, and a modern bathroom bath shower would probably not look quite right in a more rustic setting.

The Faucets: There are also accessories for you to consider, such as the faucets that are going to be installed in the shower tub enclosure. The faucets, of course, come in a wide array of styles and colors, and you should take a little bit of time looking at the options which are available before choosing the ones that will be installed.

Wrap Around Curtains: There are also the small shower bathtubs with wrap around curtains. If you already have a tub it can easily be converted into this style in most cases. It is just a matter of having a shower head installed as well as a curtain. A hand held shower nozzle is a popular choice as it can be mounted onto the wall and taken off when needed. The shower curtain frame will usually have to encompass the entire tub, especially if you have a freestanding model which is usually the case. Depending on the size of your tub, you may have to use more than one curtain in order for it to fit.

Shower Curtain Tracking: There is also the shower curtain tracking which some prefer to using a frame. The tracking can be installed on the ceiling and made to fit any shape of tub. The most important thing is that it fits around the entire shape of the tub to protect the floor and walls from splashing. Shower curtain hooks are used to hang the curtain with. These can be purchased from the same stores that sell shower curtains. Once again, this can be used with either a new tub or a previously installed model.

Protective Shower Doors and Walls: The doors, as well, come with a number of different options and you should get the best doors as possible, as these can really change the look of the bathroom quickly. These will be a little bit more difficult to install and also a bit more costly. Many people prefer them though because they are easy to clean and do not need to be replaced every few years as does a curtain. They can be installed around an already existing tub and kits are sold in order to make the process go by as smoothly as possible.

A shower bathtub in the home can really provide a level of convenience for everybody in the family. The faucets, doors and other accessories that go into the enclosure are going to take a little bit of thought, but the actual bathtub shower itself should be the main focus of any decision-making that needs to take place. This is true, regardless if you’re doing some type of new construction or even if you are doing a conversion from an existing tub enclosure over to a combination tub and shower enclosure. Dealing with a smaller sized bathroom can be challenging, but you can make the most of it if you are willing to put forth the effort.

Benefits of Small Shower Bathtubs

  • Shower bathtubs are great for small bathrooms as they take up minimal space in the bathroom.
  • These tub conversions are also beneficial for older people who have problems sitting in a bathtub.
  • With the small shower bathtub you get the best of both worlds, the shower and the bath.
  • It also offers a cheaper alternative to getting a separate bathtub and shower installed.
  • Small bathtub showers are great for guest bathrooms and can save you on water expenses.


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