How to Make Do With Small Bathtub Dimensions

It is not always possible to have a huge bathroom that can fit whichever size bathtub you desire. In cases where you have a smaller sized bathroom it is important to first consider the small bathtub dimensions of the type of tub you are looking for.

Fortunately it is possible to have a smaller tub that is still just as comfortable as a larger model when you know what to shop for. These tubs are becoming more fashionable and as a result most manufacturers of bathroom fixtures now offer them.

There are several things to consider when purchasing this type of tub, several of which we will now discuss.

Small Bathtubs

When considering your optimal small bathtub dimensions, keep in mind that the average western style bathtub is about 5 feet long. If your bathroom will not be able to accommodate a model of this size, then you will have to opt for something a bit smaller. For example, McKenzie, a popular manufacturer of bathroom fixtures, offers a shorter four foot model. Also, instead of looking for a smaller rectangular bathtub however, you may want to look into a round soaking tub or small corner bathtub. These specialty tubs will usually be a bit more on the pricey side, but will be much more comfortable.

Custom Bathtub Dimensions

Another option that you may want to consider is a custom model with your own specific small bathtub dimensions. A professional contractor in your area will be able to measure your bathroom and find the perfect size tub for it. Some companies will even offer you a free estimate. Of course the main problem with taking this route is the added expense which most people with small bathrooms cannot afford. If you can find a contractor willing to undertake the job at a decent price you will reap many benefits. Added features such as soap dishes, shelves, and even a built in seat can be added.

Bathroom Remodeling

If you can’t seem to find the right small tub for your needs, you still have other options, such as scaling down your other bathroom fixtures so you can fit a full size tub, such as having a smaller sink and toilet installed. Getting rid of unnecessary fixtures such as cabinets can also make extra space. As an alternative you can use wall mounted shelves which do not take up additional floor space.

Small Bathtub Dimensions

Advantages of Small Bathtub Dimensions

  • These bathtubs may be shorter in length than your standard bathtub but they are also deeper, therefore making them great for soaking in and at the same time taking up minimal space in your bathroom.
  • The great thing about the small bathtubs depth is that it is a perfect candidate to be converted into a small shower bathtub.
  • The depth of the bathtub is also great for children as it is more resilient to water getting splashed on your bathroom floor.
  • Small customized bathtubs can be made into any design, shape or size making them very versatile if you’re looking for a small bathtub for a small bathroom renovation project.
  • Small bathtub dimensions can also suite your bathroom if you want both shower and bathtub but you don’t want them as one unit.

For an extra tiny bathroom that cannot even accommodate small bathtub dimensions, you may have to settle on a simple shower stall. Fortunately there are some excellent models currently on the market that offer special features such as angled shower heads and multiple water settings. With the right model you can still have a relaxing experience without having to take a bath. Of course it is better to have the option of both if possible.


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