The Benefits of Small Bathroom Tubs

Small bathroom tubs are becoming much more common these days. People are finding ways to save money while building or renovating a home, and one way in particular is to settle for a smaller bathtub. On the positive side, today there are a wide range of tubs that are just as comfortable as the average 5 foot tub, only much smaller. Today’s tubs feature slimmer designs and shapes that allow them to take up as little room as possible. In fact, such tubs are even becoming fashionable because they are unique and offer new ways of decorating the home.

Types of Small Bathroom Tubs

Japanese Ofuro Bathtubs – One of the earliest small bathroom tubs to be designed is the Japanese Ofuro tub. While not really tiny, this tub was built with different specifications so it is severely different from what we are used to in the West. They were designed to be nice and deep so you can soak your entire body comfortably, up to your neck. In addition, they are intended to be used while sitting up instead of lying down so they take up less floor space. This design has now become popular in other parts of the world and is being adapted for the Western audience.

Corner Bathtubs – Probably the most popular of all the small bathroom tubs currently in production is the small corner bathtub. This tub is also built on the principle of being built deep so you can bathe while sitting up. While they are not as deep as the Japanese soaking tub, they still allow you to soak most of your body comfortably. Perhaps their most notable feature is their triangular shape that allows them to be installed in the corner. This will leave you plenty of extra room to use in your bathroom as well as limitless options for decorating. These tubs also feature built in seats and the raised design makes getting in and out of the tub safe and easy.

Round soaking tubs – These tubs remain a popular option and are also very similar to the Japanese Ofuro style. The round shape makes this tub very unusual so it can become quite the conversation piece. It is also very comfortable and allows you plenty of room to move around in. These tubs also usually have built in seating that makes them extra comfortable. small bathroom tubs When you are in the market for this particular type of bathtub, it is a good idea to consider how tall and deep you would like it to be. They come in all shapes and sizes so make sure you put some thought into what proportions would work best for you.

One thing is for certain, opting to purchase a smaller tub no longer means having to trade comfort for practicality. All in all this is only a small example of the many small bathroom tubs you have to choose from.


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