The Basics of Small Bathroom Design

When an individual has an unlimited budget it can be easy to engage in small bathroom design, but it is also possible for those who have to watch what they spend. With the right fixtures and arrangement you can do just as much with a smaller room as you could with a large.

It just takes some patience and careful planning. By using the following tactics to your advantage you will be able to have a dream bathroom that is just as comfortable and relaxing as a larger one.

In order to undertake any small bathroom design project successfully you will first have to engage in the proper steps for planning. Things to consider include how often you will be using the bathroom, your estimated budget, and what you will be using the bathroom for. A home’s main bathroom that will see a lot of use should be given enough of a budget in order for it to have the necessary fixtures. In order to build the best bathroom with your given budget you will have to determine who will be using that bathroom and for what purpose. If you have a larger family and they will be sharing this bathroom you should also put this into consideration.

When you do not have much space to work with, it can seem like it will be impossible to fit everything you need. However, there are small fixtures and appliances which can be used in order to save space. For example, instead of a large five foot long tub, you can buy a small corner bathtub which uses up space that would have otherwise gone to waste. You can also have a scaled down toilet and sink. These fixtures, although smaller, provide the same purpose and have a lot of potential for small bathroom design schemes.

Before you go shopping for these fixtures, you will first have to measure your bathroom to see how much space you have available. Then you can determine how much space you are willing to use for your main fixtures: the bathtub, sink, and toilet. How you do this is entirely up to you. If you decide that you want to have a larger tub, then you can sacrifice in other areas in order to make it possible. Once you have your measurements, do some scouting, either online, in person, or both to see the average sizes of these fixtures that are available.

Once you have determined the amount of Small Bathroom Design space you have to work with for your small bathroom design, you can choose your fixtures and have them installed. All in all, this is not a difficult task to undertake, but it is highly important that you spend ample time researching and planning so you will not make mistakes. By combining the right choice of furniture and color options you can make your bathroom feel bigger and look well designed.

Small Bathroom Design Tips

Small Bathroom DesignSmall Bathtub – There are many smaller sized bathtubs available to choose from today, there are even small Japanese style bathtubs available that are much shorter in length than the standard tubs, these bathtubs are just as comfortable as the usual tubs. You would bathe sitting upright in the Japanese bathtub.

Corner Bathtub and Sink – This is a great option for your smaller bathrooms. Corner bathtubs will fit tightly in the corner of your bathroom taking up minimal space and you can compliment you corner tub with a corner pedestal sink. Just these two items alone will make a big difference to the way your bathroom looks and feels.

Light Color Scheme – When it comes to small rooms in general it is always good to stay with your lighter colors. Darker colors tend to make the room feel small as natural light will reflect less off of darker colors. By giving your small bathroom a lighter color scheme you will see dramatic changes to the feel of your bathroom.

Small Shower – Showers are small and can save loads of space in your small bathroom. It is also advised to have clear shower doors in a small bathroom layout. If you want to have the luxury of a shower and a bath, there are various small shower bathtubs available as well, or can opt to have your current bathtub converted to have a shower head. This adaption can give you the best of both worlds, quick showers when in a rush or a long soak in your bathtub to relax.

Nature Light – Natural light or even a well lit bathroom is also very important. A well lit bathroom combined with a light color scheme will make any small bathroom feel significantly bigger. Another great idea when it comes to light is having large mirrors in your bathroom, large mirrors reflect light well and will make your bathroom feel much bigger.

Toilet Size – Another great way to save space is to upgrade to a newer model toilet. Old toilets can be bulky in size compared to the newer models available. Another great advantage of the smaller toilets is that they will use less water, saving you money.

Storage Space – Small or corner cabinets can also be used to store and the small bathroom items like towels, soaps and so on. It is important to keep your small bathroom design simple and clutter free. The less items laying around it your small bathroom, the less congested it will feel.


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