An Introduction to Clawfoot Bathtubs

Clawfoot bathtubs have been around since the 1800s, and although they were not very popular in the first half of the 20th century, they have since become fashionable once again. Originally they were constructed from cast iron and featured a white porcelain coating.

This made them quite heavy and susceptible to damage. Newer models are made from lightweight acrylic and fiberglass so they are reasonably durable and still light weight. Their most noteworthy feature is their claw feet which make them easy to identity.

When it comes to clawfoot bathtubs the American and European models can be quite different from one another. The European style does not have holes drilled in it for the use of faucets. Instead they are typically mounted on the wall or floor. The only holes are for the drain and overflow. However, in the American version the faucet will usually be installed on the tub itself. However, there are many more designs and style available such as the slipper tub, double edged tub, and pedestal tub.

When choosing the right tub for you, ample time should be spent determining which material your tub will be made out of. Some individuals are very much into antiques and therefore they choose to have a vintage tub made out of cast iron in their homes. However, in most cases people opt for the more modern materials. Acrylic clawfoot bathtubs will maintain their looks for longer periods of time, and otherwise you usually can’t tell the two apart. These models are also easier to clean and are available in a wider range of shapes and sizes.

When you have chosen the perfect model for your needs, it comes time to have it installed. This is typically a job that you will want to entrust only to an experienced plumber; however, you may be able to take on the job yourself if you have some experience in this area. One of the best things about this tub is that it is freestanding, so if you do not like where it is installed it can moved. In the future, if you decide to move you can even take it with you should you desire. Doing so could bring down the value of the home however, because these tubs are much sought after.

Acrylic clawfoot tubs require about the same amount of maintenance as does the standard tub. You simply have to give them a good scrubbing with an approved cleansing agent on a regular basis. On the other hand if you have a cast iron model it will have to be painted every now and then in order to keep it looking great. Otherwise these tubs are fairly low maintenance. If you are looking for a way to add a touch of class and elegance to your home, then these tubs are the perfect solution.

Types of Clawfoot Bathtubs

Clawfoot BathtubsThere are many different types of clawfoot bathtubs out there to choose from. Many people spend a lot of their time trying to decide what type of tub to buy. These types of bathtubs have recently become very popular because of their unique styling and ability to give the user a different overall bathing experience. You may buy a claw foot tub for a number of reasons. However, once you decide this you will find that there are a lot of choices to pick from when you begin shopping. Some of the claw foot cast iron tubs you may encounter are:

Classic Clawfoot Cast IronTub

A Classic Clawfoot Cast Iron tub is the most basic of free standing tubs. It looks very similar to a normal bathtub that you may use now because it has one flat end and one round end. However, the sides are higher than a normal tub. They generally have rounded rims, but you can get them made with flat rims. They also come in a range of different lengths. The common lengths are anywhere from 48” to 70” long.

“Double Sided” Clawfoot Tub

This clawfoot bath tub gets its name from the ends of the tub. Instead of having one flat end and one rounded end, both ends are rounded. This makes for a little bit different look and allows you to put your head at either end of the clawfoot bath tub. They also range from 48” to 70” long.

Slipper Clawfoot Tub

A slipper Clawfoot tub is a little bit different from the normal clawfoot bath tub. Instead of having equally proportioned ends, one end is slightly higher than the other making a sort of dip into the tub. These tubs make a great addition to your bathroom because you can lay your head on this higher end and “slip” into the bathwater.

Double Slipper Clawfoot Tub

These types of clawfoot bath tubs have the same concept as double sided tub only both sides are “slippers”. Basically, what this means is both sides are slightly raised above the lip instead of only one side. This allows for more than one person at a time to enter the tub and be comfortable.

Pedastal Tub

These tubs are most similar to a classic clawfoot tub. However, instead of having the clawfoot bottom; it is set on a full pedestal. This still offers a unique look and allows for a little bit easier installation and upkeep of the tub.

A clawfoot tub can add a lot to your bathing experience. Because the cast iron retains heat your water will stay hotter longer then without a clawfoot tub. Also, the styling and beauty are unmatched by a normal tub. So, if you are looking to impress or just relax this is the tub for you.


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