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Small Bathroom Design

The Basics of Small Bathroom Design

When an individual has an unlimited budget it can be easy to engage in small bathroom design, but it is also possible for those who have to watch what they spend. With the right fixtures and arrangement you can do just as much with a smaller room as you could with a large. It just […]

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Small Bathtub Dimensions

How to Make Do With Small Bathtub Dimensions

It is not always possible to have a huge bathroom that can fit whichever size bathtub you desire. In cases where you have a smaller sized bathroom it is important to first consider the small bathtub dimensions of the type of tub you are looking for. Fortunately it is possible to have a smaller tub […]

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The Benefits of Small Bathroom Tubs

Small bathroom tubs are becoming much more common these days. People are finding ways to save money while building or renovating a home, and one way in particular is to settle for a smaller bathtub. On the positive side, today there are a wide range of tubs that are just as comfortable as the average […]

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