A Guide to Extra Small Bathtubs

Today it seems like bathrooms aren’t as big as they used to be. As a result, it is becoming difficult to fit a full size tub in a modern day bathroom. Fortunately extra small bathtubs are available that are quite comfortable.

You will quickly find out that a tub does not have to be long in order to be comfortable. In fact, when a tub is built nice and deep, you can actually take a bath while sitting up which is actually more natural. These deeper tubs take up less space so they are the perfect match for a smaller tub.

This design is largely based on the Japanese soaking tub which allows you to bathe up to your neck. A smaller bathtub also allows you the convenience of having a tub in a smaller bathroom area, and still leaves you with the option of having a nice long full bodied soak after a hard day’s work.

While there are many different styles of extra small bathtubs on the market, probably the most popular is the corner bathtub. These tubs fit beautifully in the corner of your bathroom leaving plenty of open space to use however you wish. The sides may be used to hold shampoo, soap, and other toiletries so they are always handy. These tubs take up very little room and are perfect for being installed under windows or in between cabinets. There are a lot more options to decorate your bathroom when you choose this elegant style of bathtub.

It is also possible to purchase a more Western adaptation of the Japanese Ofuro tub. The modern day Ofuro is made from modern materials such as fiberglass and acrylic and features all the state of the art conveniences you would expect from a hot tub including automatic filling and shut off, thermostat controlled temperature, water jets, and remote control. Just like the original Ofuro, you can comfortably soak up to your neck while sitting down so your whole body will reap the benefits. These tubs also are great space savers due to their tall, rectangular shape.

Extra Small BathtubsIf you decide to install your own extra small bathtub instead of hiring a professional contractor, remember to take the appropriate precautions into consideration. Perform measurements of the area you have available so you will choose a tub that will be the perfect fit before you even set foot in the store. Altogether, you will find that you have a lot more options for decorating your bathroom when you make use of these smaller bathtubs.

Benefits of Extra Small Bathtubs

Space Saving
If you’re lacking space in your bathroom and need to feel freer and unconfined you should consider the option of an extra small bathtub. A standard size tub is an average of five feet long, this takes up far too much space at times! An extra small bathtub gives you many options. For example, you can purchase a small size bathtub that fits right into a corner, freeing up much needed space. By placing an extra small bathtub under a window you can give a sense of spa relaxation.

More Layout Options
Another great benefit of choosing an extra small bathtub for your home is that you are given many more options for the layout of your bathroom. For instance, you may want to choose a smaller tub for soaking and pair it up with a standalone shower so you have the best of both worlds. On the other hand, you may want to simply have the tub installed so you have plenty of room to move around in your bathroom. The decision is entirely up to you.

Deeper Soaking Tub
Extra small bathtubs also give you the luxury of soaking in deeper water while sitting down instead of having to lie down in your standard rectangular size tub that you don’t even get a full body soak in. With the extra small bathtub you also get a really good soak even though the bathtub is very small. This type of bathtub should not be confused with the extra small sunken bathtub, which will take up slightly more space but which can add a real element of design to the room. A small deep soaking bathtub can also be quite expensive. This needs to be taken into account; especially if you are on a budget.

Great Stress Relief
Small BathtubAlso extra small bathtubs are good for the day to day stress that we all go through on a daily basis. Just think how you could go home and reap the wonderful benefits of soaking in the tub. Being able to soak in a wonderfully hot bath, completely submerged, can actually give you some nice health benefits such as helping the skin pores to open and exfoliate, as well as helping expand your blood vessels to allow a greater flow of blood. This circulation boost can speed up healing and revitalize your body and mind after a hard day. Are you beginning to see how these kinds of extra small bathtubs can actually give you so much more than your boring and uncomfortable long rectangle one?

With all these wonderful tidbits of information making an extra small bathtub part of your bathroom should help make your bathroom a more enjoyable area with a bathing experience to help bring you more comfort and relaxation to your own personal life.